Sunday, August 29, 2010


$1.86 is what it took to inspire me recently.

I got the mail one day after school and was heading home with it. Kendall was in the car with me, and for some reason wanted to know what we had. A mix of bills and junk mail, but one envelope with ASPCA written on it caught her eye.

She grabbed it, opened it, and was asking what it was for. I explained this was a way that the organization raised money to care for animals and lots of groups do this. She kept the envelope and its contents and disappeared when we got home.

She apparently raided her purse, grabbing out her change. She’d just spent some allowance on a few stuffed animals, and had a little bit of money left. She packed it up in the envelope, and with a generous application of tape all over, sealed it up.

She was happy to help the animals, and a couple days later I had her put it in the mailbox, sending her donation off.

I’m proud of her, and it’s refreshing to see my kids thinking of something more than just the next toy they want. It’s an inspiration to think beyond ourselves.

Friday, August 6, 2010


A very interesting talk from TED and Simon Sinek. Worth the 18 minutes.



I think that this ties in with some of the ideas that Dan Pink has in Drive. You need a purpose, more than just earning money or making a profit.