Monday, October 12, 2009

A Second Career


I haven’t ever really wanted to retire. As much as I like my hobbies, and I keep busy, I don’t have any great passion. When I reach the age, and have the ability to stop working, I’ve always wondered what I’d do.

My wife loves her horses. I’ve considered teaching, or even going to help a group like Habitat for Humanity, but nothing really inspired me.

Then a few weeks ago I was at the Elizabeth Food Bank and I felt a pull. I felt like this was something I could do, and more importantly, would want to do.

Sue, who runs the Food Bank, is almost 80 years old, but she goes to work most weeks ensuring that families in our community that are struggling can get food. Even on days where other people are in charge, she and her husband will often drop by and make sure things are running, drop off food, do something.

I’ve had the kids volunteering for scouts, but we’ve completed our requirements and still go. It’s a good feeling, and they like it. And so do I, as it’s inspiring.

Everyone has places they’ll support as a charity, or they should. However the food bank speaks to me, and I plan on getting down there once a month to help out.