Sunday, July 5, 2009

Different Thinker

My brother is an interesting cat. Spending time with him on vacation, quite a few talks just the two of us, remind me of how different he is from me. He sees the world differently, and he really wants to make it a better place.

As we talk, and he's just started his Physician's Assistant internship, I'm touched by how he laments the lack of time the hospital doctors spend with patients. He is working through the internal medicine group, and so often he spends more time (with the nurses) talking to patients and checking on them. He genuinely knows there are pressures, and the almighty dollar rules, but he's still looking to somehow find time to help people.

The passion comes through as he talks, and that's amazing. Especially as I don't think I have great passion, and it's something I'm not sure I ever will find. I appreciate his, however.

The other day he also wanted to meet at his office, and I think show off a little. I'm glad I agreed as it was impressive to me. It's nothing special, an old stone building built into a hillside in Ellicot City, but a nice reception room, 3 patient rooms, and lots of oriental and Asian or Middle Eastern decoration. He really embraces culture, and more natural, almost mystical healings. It was impressive to me just to see my brother's name on a sign and the door.

He spent a few minutes looking at my wrist, which I injured snowboarding in March. I'd mentioned it a month or so ago, and didn't say anything, but he asked if he could look at it here. He cares, and his desire to help shines through.

It's a different path than mine, and not even what I want, but it is admirable. And it's inspirational in many ways.