Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Boy Scouts

I was involved in scouting as a kid, and in the last decade, with all three of my kids. I’ve volunteered to help out in various ways, though I haven’t usually officially held positions in the troops/packs since we’re so busy and my wife travels, sometimes unexpectedly. As a result, I haven’t wanted to let anyone down, but I’ve tried to help out as often as I could.

I look at the Scout leaders that my kids have now, and the efforts they go to in creating a program that motivates, excites, and pushes the kids, I’m amazed. And inspired. The Dutch Oven cooking I’ve been trying over the last month is based on the tremendous efforts I saw the Dads at the cook-off going to last fall.

I also look back at our Girl Scout leader. My daughter’s had 3 in 3 years, but this last one is great. She really goes out of her way to keep the girls interested and finds new things for them to do. I was out of town recently for the Powder Puff Derby, but I had the nanny take my daughter, knowing that our scout leader would ensure that she had a good time. And she did.

I don’t agree with all the philosophies and ideas behinds scouts, but I do appreciate, and am inspired by, the people the volunteer at the local level.